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The OFSAA Alumni Association

The OFSAA Alumni Association was founded in 2003 and continues to grow with new members annually.  All donations to the Alumni Association go directly to the OFSAA Scholarship Fund, which, in the past years has provided scholarships of $500 each to student-athletes in different member Associations across the province. With the ever-increasing costs of post-secondary education, the recipients are truly appreciative of this assistance. We hope to increase alumni membership and contributions to the scholarship fund so that this financial assistance for student-athletes can continue.

The Alumni Association provides a communication network for former teacher-coaches and student-athletes. Members receive the Bulletin (three issues per year) which will have features on alumni and highlights of OFSAA events, news, photos, and information articles. Newsletters are also sent out 3 times a year.

Membership fees include a basic fee for administrative costs (printing and mailing if you wish to receive the Bulletin) and a charitable donation for the scholarship fund, in whatever amount you wish to give. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued for the charitable donation portion of your membership.

We encourage all former teacher-coaches and student-athletes to join the OFSAA Alumni Association and to pass along the information to other potential members, especially those new retirees. With your help can we continue to provide scholarships for our student-athletes.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Diana Ranken
Alumni Association Coordinator
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