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OFSAA Football Bowl 2015 Matchups

Thursday, June, 25, 2015

A draw today made at the OFSAA office determined the matchups for the 2015 OFSAA Football Bowl series.

The OFSAA Football Bowl Games series has decided on a new Festival format. For the next two years (2015 & 2016) the following nine games will be played, with one of two associations drawn to compete in 2015, and the other automatically competing in that bowl game in 2016. The remaining nine associations will be drawn to determine their pairing.

Bowl Games
Western Bowl – SWOSSAA/ WOSSAA
Golden Horseshoe Bowl – GHAC/ SOSSA
Metro Bowl – TDCAA/ TDSSAA
Central Bowl – CWOSSA/ ROPSSAA
Simcoe Bowl – GBSSA/ YRAA
National Capital Bowl – NCSSAA/ EOSSAA
Northern Bowl – NOSSA/ NWOSSAA
Eastern Bowl – LOSSA/ COSSA
Independent Bowl – CISAA/ 2nd Entry

so for 2015 the matchups ARE...

Western Bowl – WOSSAA vs TDCAA
Golden Horseshoe Bowl – GHAC vs NCSSAA
Metro Bowl – TDSSAA vs CWOSSA
Central Bowl – ROPSSAA vs COSSA
Simcoe Bowl – YRAA vs NOSSA
National Capital Bowl – EOSSAA vs SWOSSAA
Northern Bowl – NWOSSAA vs SOSSA
Eastern Bowl – LOSSA vs GBSSA
Independent Bowl – CISAA vs GHAC2 or SOSSA2